I’m a psychotherapist (licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist) and have a PhD in American Studies. I’m also a writer and clinical professor of psychiatry. I work individually with adults, particularly those dealing with relationship problems, anxiety, and periods of high stress, and my specialization is in couple’s therapy. The couples I see are diverse in their ages, life circumstances, and interpersonal styles, and I’m welcoming of high conflict couples.
As a therapist, I’m committed to developing a close, working relationship with clients. I believe humor, openness, and directiveness all serve this goal. My strength is in balancing assertiveness and directness with empathy and support.
I tend to view problems as occurring when we get stuck, using ineffective solutions to problems, relying on outdated coping styles, and repeating patterns that make problems worse rather than better. Change is possible when we learn to disrupt these patterns, creating the possibility for more satisfying interactions, deeper connection, and greater fulfillment.
My approach is integrative, combining aspects of Systemic Therapy (focused on roles and interactional patterns), Gestalt (a holistic approach focused on present experience), Cognitive-Behavioral (an approach focused on thoughts and behavior), and Emotionally-Focused Therapy (a couple approach focused on connection). For a free phone consultation, please contact me at 512-993-1616.